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Who Can Benefit From Rear Bumper Protection ?

Anyone who parks on the street or a parking garage can benefit from using a rear bumper guard.   As parking on the streets becomes more competitive, drivers are increasingly aggressive when parking.   Many drivers will bump and maneuver their vehicles relentlessly until they fit into a parking spot, bumping and prodding the vehicles fore and aft for parking guidance.    Since parked vehicles are often unattended, there is no witness to this sort of parking vandalism – the end result is a bumper scarred with screw marks and license plate indentations, scratches, paint chips and various markings.  While there is no immediate solution to this parking epidemic, a rear bumper guard is a useful accessory for protecting your parked vehicle.   A rear bumper protector provides a barrier to intruding car bumpers to help minimize damage from license plate frames, bolts and brackets.   A rear bumper protector and bumper guard is a must have accessory for street parking.