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Bumper Guards: Clear Paint Protection Film Rear Bumper Guards…Are They Any Good ?

I do not want to ridicule clear car bumper protection film since these products where designed for a specific use, namely, to protect a front car bumper, front fenders and mirrors from small rocks and road debris.   Lets make this very clear, “clear protection film was never designed to protect a rear bumper from parking related damage.” While I completely understand the nature of clear protection film and its usefulness in protecting high end luxury cars…I am perplexed to see some companies marketing clear protection films as suitable rear bumper guards.   These clear protection films were never designed for the rigors of street parking, and as a result you will not find kits for the rear bumper.  Also, you will not see clear film protection companies recommending clear protection film for use as a rear bumper guard.    If you are considering using a clear or transparent protection film as a rear bumper guard take note that these clear protection films will scratch, turn hazy, and tear.   I recently observed a Lexus RX350 rear bumper with clear protection film applied.   The clear bumper protection film I observed was hazy (a cloudy white) and covered in scratches with holes torn into the urethane in many places.   I really feel bad for whoever will have to remove this damaged film, if it can be removed at all. Even if the person were successful in removing the clear protection film, the painted surface will be dimpled by marks indicating points of impact.  As a result, I do not recommend clear films for rear bumper guards.

Rear Bumper Guard Tips

Some common sense strategies can minimize the risks of parking related bumper damage Parking Tip#1: Use a rear bumper guard or car bumper protection if you have it. Parking Tip#2: Never squeeze into a tight parking space. While you will be extra careful to avoid bumping your car, the person parking behind you may not be so kind. If you have a rear bumper protector or bumper guard make sure you use it.
Parking Tip#3:
Avoid parking behind tall SUVs or trucks especially ones with protruding trailer hitches. An SUV rear bumper is tall and can easily override a car bumper. A front bumper guard will help protect your front bumper from parking bumps.
Parking Tip #4: Look for a parking spot with an adjacent fire hydrant or driveway front or aft. This will prevent other vehicles from parking near your vehicle. In summary, common sense when parking on the street can prevent bumper damage. Always be vigilant of where you park and use a rear bumper guard for extra protection as needed.

Rear Bumper Protectors For Safe Street Parking

Anyone who parks on the streets knows that sometimes you need to play bumper cars to get into and out of a parking spot. After all who wants to pay big bucks to park in a NYC parking garage.   Over the last few years rear bumper protection products have helped car owner’s park with confidence.   Car bumper protection products such as rear bumper guards and car bumper protectors provide a barrier to block bumps and taps during parking maneuvers.    Without a rear bumper guard your parked car is at risk of being bumped and scratched by other vehicles attempting to park.