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  • Which Bumper Guard Is Best?

    Our bumper guard selection guide will tell you…

    The popularity of rear bumper guards has lead to a variety of rear bumper protectionproducts. Selecting the best rear bumper guard depends on your parking needs, price point and usage. Floor mat style rear bumper guards are popular with car enthusiasts because they are temporary rear bumper guards. These rear bumper guards attach inside the trunk using velcro straps and then drape over the rear bumper. The end result is a very effective and simple to use rear bumper guard that you deploy when parked and return to the trunk when driving. We have tested and tried several competing brands of rear bumper protection. The Bumper Bully rear bumper protection system came out on top because it’s the only product made from rubber and it has had a unique trapezoid shape that fits better. All competing products are made from PVC plastic, which feels cheap. Additionally, only the Bumper Bully rear bumper guard has the patented stabilizer bars that keep the product from folding back. If quality and performance is your main concern than the Bumper Bully rear bumper guard is definitely worth a look.


  • Rear Bumper Guard Tips

    Some common sense strategies can minimize the risks of parking related bumper damage Parking Tip #1: Use a rear bumper guard or car bumper protection if you have it. Parking Tip #2: Never squeeze into a tight parking space. While you will be extra careful to avoid bumping your car, the person parking behind you may not [...]


  • Who Can Benefit From Rear Bumper Protection ?

    Anyone who parks on the street or a parking garage can benefit from using a rear bumper guard. As parking on the streets becomes more competitive, drivers are increasingly aggressive when parking. Many drivers will bump and maneuver their vehicles relentlessly until they fit into a parking spot, bumping and prodding the vehicles [...]


  • Do I Really Need A Rear Bumper Protector ?

    It seems that everywhere you look people are adorning their vehicles with rear bumper protectors and car bumper guards. Clearly, rear bumper protection is an important concern for anyone who parks on the street. Lets face it more than half of all rear bumper damage occurs when you park your car. Without [...]


  • Rear Bumper Protectors For Safe Street Parking

    Anyone who parks on the streets knows that sometimes you need to play bumper cars to get into and out of a parking spot. After all who wants to pay big bucks to park in a NYC parking garage. Over the last few years rear bumper protection products have helped car owner’s park with [...]


  • NYC Parking Garages and Car Bumper Protection ?

    If you park in a NYC parking garage car bumper protection is mandatory. NYC parking garages are known for damaging car bumpers. The high volume of cars crammed into a small space makes it almost guaranteed that your car will be bumped into another vehicle or a cement wall. Car bumper protection [...]


  • Are Stick-On Bumper Protection The Best Option ?

    Stick-on rear bumper guards have been around for years and have become a staple bumper guard accessory for livery cabs and taxis worldwide. Many urban car owners can also be seen adorning their vehicles with rear bumper protector accessories. The popularity of rear car bumper guards is a sign that people are concerned [...]


  • Bumper Guards: Clear Paint Protection Film Rear Bumper Guards…Are They Any Good ?

    I do not want to ridicule clear car bumper protection film since these products where designed for a specific use, namely, to protect a front car bumper, front fenders and mirrors from small rocks and road debris. Lets make this very clear, “clear protection film was never designed to protect a rear bumper from [...]