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(1) Can I drive with the Bumper Bully attached?

No, never drive or operate a vehicle with the Bumper Bully attached. Doing so is dangerous and may result in damage to the vehicle or product. Always return the product to vehicle’s trunk prior to driving. Please read product disclaimer and all instructions before using.

(2) Is the Bumper Bully weather proof?

Yes, the bumper bully is designed for outdoor parking. It may also be used in indoor and valet parking garages.

(3) Will the Bumper Bully protect my car bumper from damage?

The Bumper Bully may protect the bumper finish only. It may not protect your bumper from impacts greater than 1MPH. The product helps minimize the risk of scratches and the results of low impact parking maneuvers. The Bumper Bully is not a structural component and will not contribute to a vehicle’s crashworthiness or occupant safety during rear end collisions.

(4) Will the bumper bully (bumper protector) fit my vehicle? Are there exceptions?

The product will fit most vehicles. Exceptions are rear engine vehicles. Straps should never be placed in an engine compartment, as they may come in contact will moving parts, resulting in damage and injury.

(5) How do I clean and care for my bumper protector?

BumperBully should be cleaned regularly; always clean and wash the back side of the product. Regularly clean the rear bumper surface as well, both the BumperBully and the rear bumper should always be free of dirt and debris. A mild soap and water is okay. You can also use a damp towel or super soft carwash brush.

(6) How do I store my new bumper protector?

To keep the Bumper Bully looking its best, store it flat in your trunk when not in use. Do not store folded as the rubber may crease.

(7) How do I attach my bumper protector?

Refer to the instructions page on our website.

(8) What should I do, the Velcro straps do not stick to my trunk carpet?

The Velcro on the straps ends may not stick to all carpet types. If this happens you can use extra 2 Velcro tabs provided. Attach optional Velcro stickers to a clean smooth hard metal or plastic surface under the trunk carpet or another accessible area; the straps ends can then attach to the additional Velcro stickers. Note: additional Velcro stickers should never be attached directly to the trunk carpeting. Optional Velcro stickers must be attached to a clean smooth, hard metal or plastic surface ONLY.

(9) What is the return policy? and return protocol?

Please see the Shipping & Returns section of our website.

(10) When will my bumper guard arrive? What shipping carrier do you use?

Orders are processed in 2-3 business days. We ship using UPS ground. Delivery time may vary depending on location. Orders ship from NY and can take up to 5 business days for delivery from the shipment date.

(11) Can my vehicle pass through a Car Wash with the Bumper Bully bumper guard attached?

No. Never enter a car wash with the BumperBully outside your vehicle. Doing so, may result in damage to your vehicle and product. If the car wash attendant washes the product for you, make sure they place the BumperBully inside the trunk before passing vehicle into the car wash.

(12) How often should I clean my BumperBullybumper guard?

Clean the BumperBully and your vehicle bumper frequently to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the surface. A bucket of warm water, car wash soap and a soft car wash brush will make cleaning your BumperBully quick and easy. If your bumper guard has the optional pads, make sure you clean them gently to avoid damaging them.