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Installation of your Bumper Bully product is fast and easy.

Follow the instructions below on how to install, store and maintain your BumperBully to make the most of your product.

  • Step 01

    Step 1

    Open trunk and attach strap ends to the carpet *

    NOTE: * If Velcro does not adhere to the vehicle’s carpet, you can use the additional two velcro stickers provided. See Below.

  • Step 02

    Step 2

    Center product on rear bumper & adjust straps

    Product should always be positioned above the rear exhaust pipes.

    (Do not block the vehicles exhaust pipes)
  • Step 03

    Step 3

    Before driving, be sure to place product inside the trunk (do not drive with product attached).

    With the velcro straps still attached place the product flat inside the trunk

Optional Velctro Tabs

Attach optional Velcro stickers to a clean smooth hard metal or plastic surface under the trunk carpet or another accessible area; the straps ends can then attach to the additional Velcro stickers. Note: additional Velcro stickers should never be attached directly to the trunk carpeting. Optional Velcro stickers must be attached to a clean smooth, hard metal or plastic surface ONLY.

Optional Velcro Tabs

Care Instructions

Both the BumperBully and the rear bumper should be washed regularly, even if you use just use water and a car soft wash brush to clean the surface. A super soft car wash brush will enable you to clean the bumper guard quickly and easily. To prevent damage always clean your product and vehicle regularly and never pass through a car wash a with bumper guard outside vehicle.

Wash your Bumper Bully

Warning / Disclaimers


Caution: Never drive a vehicle with the BumperBully product attached. Doing so may be dangerous. Do not block or cover vehicle's exhaust pipe. Covering the exhaust pipe can damage the product and can allow dangerous fumes to enter the vehicle - resulting in injury or death. Not for use with rear engine vehicles. Intended for parking use only. Product was designed to protect the bumpers finish only. Product may not provide protection when impacts are over 1MPH.

* Attention - Some states prohibit the covering of license plates while parked. Check with local law enforcement for applicable laws before purchasing.