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Bumper Bully Red

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Bumper Bully Red



Step up your BumperBully to the next level. The BumperBully RED EDITION has all the features of the Black Edition plus Hi-Visibility 3M Prismatic Reflectors. The reflectors look great and provide extra visibility when parked on dark roads. Note: this model does not have Steel Reinforced Straps or Impact Pads.

BumperBully red Specifications


  • 46” - Overall Width
  • 12” - Height
  • 22” - Distance Between Straps
  • 28” - Length of Straps


Stabilizer Bar

Stabilizer Bar System

The patented stabilizer bar system keeps the BumperBully planted. Integrally formed into the product, the stabilizer bars lend structural stability to the bumper guard and provide a secure anchor point for the straps. The structural rigidity provided by the stabilizer bars ensures the product will stay flat on the bumper, preventing flop overs and sagging corners.

3M Reflectors

3M Reflectors

Using only the best quality products, BumperBully uses 3M reflectors to provide increased vehicle visibility, better durability and superior adhesion (Gold and Platinum Editions Only). The reflectors are extra bright, so they provide better illumination and vehicle visibility when parked on dark roads or during emergency stops. Note: reflectors are standard on the Gold and Platinum Editions ONLY.



The Bumper Bully is made of an all weather rubber material that stays flexible in even the coldest weather. Our all weather rubber can be used rain or shine and will not crack, break, or tear. It is soft to the touch and has an elastic quality, helping it absorb the shock of an impact. The Bumper Bully trunk straps are made from a special coated material that keeps water from being sucked through the strap and into the trunk. 

Soft Touch Strap Pads

Soft Touch Strap Pads

The Bumper Bully trunk straps have 2”x4” of soft foam rubber pads on back of the straps. The pads provide a cushioned surface and raise the straps off the bumper. By raising the straps, the soft touch straps pads create an additional protective layer for your vehicle’s bumper.

Air Impact Ribs

Air Impact Ribs

The raised ribs on the BumperBully are engineered to cushion minor parking bumps, incorporating raised areas that run linear to the surface, providing strategic impact zones. These areas were designed to flex and compress during parking bumps to absorb some of the impact energy.

License Plate Cut-Out

License Plate Cut-out Area

For vehicles where the license plate is mounted in the rear bumper, you have the option to simply cut out the license plate area on the BumperBully using a sharp razor blade and following the guidelines on the product.

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