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  • Rear Bumper Guard Tips

    Some common sense strategies can minimize the risks of parking related bumper damage

    Parking Tip #1: Use a rear bumper guard or car bumper protection if you have it.

    Parking Tip #2: Never squeeze into a tight parking space. While you will be extra careful to avoid bumping your car, the person parking behind you may not be so kind. If you have a rear bumper protector or bumper guard make sure you use it. 

    Parking Tip #3: Avoid parking behind tall SUVs or trucks especially ones with protruding trailer hitches. An SUV rear bumper is tall and can easily override a car bumper. A front bumper guard will help protect your front bumper from parking bumps.

    Parking Tip #4: Look for a parking spot with an adjacent fire hydrant or driveway front or aft. This will prevent other vehicles from parking near your vehicle. In summary, common sense when parking on the street can prevent bumper damage. Always be vigilant of where you park and use a rear bumper guard for extra protection as needed.