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  • Which Bumper Guard Is Best?

    Our bumper guard selection guide will tell you…

    The popularity of rear bumper guards has lead to a variety of rear bumper protectionproducts. Selecting the best rear bumper guard depends on your parking needs, price point and usage. Floor mat style rear bumper guards are popular with car enthusiasts because they are temporary rear bumper guards. These rear bumper guards attach inside the trunk using velcro straps and then drape over the rear bumper. The end result is a very effective and simple to use rear bumper guard that you deploy when parked and return to the trunk when driving. We have tested and tried several competing brands of rear bumper protection. The Bumper Bully rear bumper protection system came out on top because it’s the only product made from rubber and it has had a unique trapezoid shape that fits better. All competing products are made from PVC plastic, which feels cheap. Additionally, only the Bumper Bully rear bumper guard has the patented stabilizer bars that keep the product from folding back. If quality and performance is your main concern than the Bumper Bully rear bumper guard is definitely worth a look.